German Tettnang Hops Pellets 1 pound


The hops variety Tettnang Tettnanger (aka Schwetzinger and Deutscher Frühopfen) began as a land race in Germany| very likely from a Saazer hop. Tettnanger is also a name for Swiss| US and Australian varieties as well| but the foreign breeds are mixed with Fuggle and not considered a true Tettnanger.

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The Tettnang hops is considered a noble aroma hop and has been compared to both Hallertauer and Saazer but Tettnanger has notably more farnesene content than Hallertauer. They carry a distinct floral and spicy aroma and despite the low alpha acids (up to 5%) they are considered to have a balanced “hoppy flavor.”


Purpose Aroma
Alpha Acid 3%-6%
Beta Acid 3%-5%
Substitutes Czech Saaz| Spalter| Santiam| Spalter Select| Saaz| Tettnanger (US)
Goes well in a .. Bitter| California Blonde Ale| Red Ale| Pilsner| Lager| American Amber Ale| Winter Ale| Pale Ale| Wheat Beer| Bavarian Hefeweizen| Cream Ale| American Lager
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