Ingredients and kits that you would use to make your own craft beer at home.

  • Bagged Wort Beer Kits

    Bagged Wort Beer Kits (11)

    Matching simplicity with quality, these beer kits create an exceptional end product that you will want to hide from your friends as they will drink it too fast.
  • Beer Adjuncts

    Beer Adjuncts (13)

    Add a little something extra to your beer with these extra ingredients. From orange peel to coriander seed and everything in between, you can create your own special craft beer.
  • Canned Beer Kits

    Canned Beer Kits (22)

    With a wide range of styles, these tried and proven beer kits will serve the novice and expert home beer maker well.
  • Grains

    Grains (37)

    You are looking for the highest quality end product and are not afraid to put in some time to create your own special beer.
  • Hops

    Hops (35)

    For a lightly hopped Scottish Ale to a "waken the taste buds" American IPA, we have the hops for any style you wish to make. And at a price that is hard to beat.