Best Case Picadilly Porter


Best Case Picadilly Porter

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Delicious London Porter With Hints Of Roast And Chocolate.


Best Case Picadilly Porter  recipe originated in London, England, as a blend of stout and pale ale. It flourished for over two centuries before fading away to near oblivion. Revived by micros and homebrewers, this beer is dark (almost black) but not as roasty as a stout. Some subtle chocolate notes, and relatively low bitterness, make this flavourful session beer as popular today, as it was among the Street and River Porters of London’s past. Serve cool.

OG: 1.045-49 ABV: 5.2% IBUs: 18 (Values are approximate)


Grains: Black Patent, Chocolate Malt, Dark Crystal
Fermentables: Light Malt Extract, Dark Malt Extract
Hops: Northern Brewer
Yeast: Windsor Ale

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