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Brewer’s Gold is primarily a bittering agent and commonly used in lighter style ales| although it works well in lagers as well. This USDA variety accession number 19001| has a moderate alpha acid rating at 5.5% – 7.8%. Brewer’s Gold also carries a relatively high overall oil make up including high levels of Myrcene (37% – 40%)| Humulene (29% – 31%)| and Caryophyllene (37% – 40%) oils.

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Brewer’s Gold is an old man in the history of modern brewing. While its character isn’t exactly celebrated by an abundant amount of commercial beers| it’s legacy lives on in many other ways. Due to its moderate alpha acid content| high yield| and vigorous growth it has been used in the cultivation and production of newer varieties. Brewer’s Gold Hops has helped make some excellent varieties shown below:

Sterling (1/16)
Galena (1/2)
Horizon (1/2)
Centennial (3/4)
Nugget (5/8)

Wye College in England gave rise to this variety in 1919 by crossing Wild Manitoba BB1 with open pollination. After the super-alpha offspring were created| Brewer’s Gold was largely discontinued by many farmers in favor of the other varieties. This bittering or late addition hops has a spice to its flavor and aroma.

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