Fromase 50 Rennet Tablets

Fromase 50 rennet vegetarian milk coagulant tablets

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Fromase 50 Coagulant tablets are manufactured with a thermo labile enzyme of a selected strain of Rhyzomucor miehei, which is widely used in the Dairy industry.  Thermo Labile enzyme means that no residual enzymatic activity is found in the whey after the pasteurization process.

Rennet tablets coagulate the milk.

Activity and stability of the tablets against temperature is superior to the activity of animal rennet tablets.

Note: No kosher & Halal certificates available


Use more in pasteurized milk/ Ultra-pasteurized milk (double) then raw milk.

Halal Certified No GMO

Usage Levels:

One tablet for fifty (50) liters of milk
Presentation and activity:
Has the following activity: 2305 IMCU (International Milk Clotting Units) per tablet, one tablet to set 50 lts. of cow milk at 35 C.


Directions for Use:

Tablets must be completely dissolved in one glass of water per tablet prior to being used and the tablet solution must stand for at least 20 minutes before being added to the milk.


Allergens: Milk (including lactose)

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