Pinot Noir Wine Kit


Pinot Noir Wine Kit
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This Pinot Noir wine kit has a soft texture and dark colour that compliment the flavours of berry fruit, with a subtle raspberry undertone. An approachable yet still sophisticated red wine.

Medium Oak/ Medium Body/ Dry


Grand Cru is the perfect choice for craft winemakers who want easy drinking table wines that
pair perfectly with every meal. Grand Cru wines require shorter fermentation times and taste
delicious even with little or no aging. Their affordable price tags mean craft winemakers can
enjoy Grand Cru wines more often.
From the first swirl to the final sip, make your everyday special with an easy-drinking
Grand Cru. Or enjoy a glass or two on its own in the company of family and friends.
Each kit contains everything you need to make 23 litres of your very own satisfying craft wine
in as little as four weeks.

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 20.5 × 30 cm


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