Star San Sterilizing Solution 8 oz



STAR SAN HB is a blend of phosphoric acid and dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid. This synergistic blend provides a unique synergistic system that is unaffected by excessive organic soils. STAR SAN HB is also a self-foaming acid anionic detergent. It can be applied through a foamer to produce self-adhering foam or manual application. Cleaning with STAR SAN HB on a daily basis will leave equipment in an acid condition that will eliminate water spotting, mineral build-up, and corrosion. It is not recommended to use STAR SAN HB on soft metals because of the acid nature of
this product.

Brewing Tanks – Once the equipment has been properly cleaned make up a final acid
anionic rinse using STAR SAN HB as follows: In every barrel of water add 7 fluid ounces,
circulate for a minimum of 3 minutes at ambient temperatures. Just prior to start-up rinse with
potable water and follow state and local Health Department regulations covering start up
Part Soaking- In a 5 gallon bucket add 4 gallons of water and 2 ounces of STARSAN HB. Once
all parts have been removed from equipment and hand washed allow them to soak in the
STARSAN HB solution for a minimum of 5 minutes. Remove parts from solution. Reassemble
wet parts on equipment to reduce the possibility of water spotting or any other undesirable
conditions to occur, rinse equipment with potable water.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 16 × 5 cm


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